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The Document Methodology is a knowledge framework and discipline for managing people and measurably improving enterprise processes with systems. It creates a business strategy based on the premise that documents provide a foundation to:
- record knowledge,
- define process,
- empower people,
- structure systems,
- guide change.

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Problem: Managers in large enterprises make big expenditures for radical changes based on speculation and visions of profit but not facts or knowledge. Despite being deluged by operational data, knowledge management and multiple innovative change methods, managers don’t have a workable solution to improving performance.

Book: The book is written for anyone who is trying to manage, operate, understand or change a relatively complex set of business processes supported by an information system on a computer network. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter and concludes with a Case Study and a Coffeehouse Conference where elements of the chapter are reviewed.

Author: Dr. Jim I. Jones


The Document Methodology can help you reinvent your company.  It provides a rigorous discipline that integrates Management Science, Computer Science, and Industrial Engineering. The Methodology accelerates the processes by which managers plan, organize, communicate, and work with people in work groups by using established engineering and management concepts to make better use of existing computer technology.

The methodology’s innovation is applying proven tools of manufacturing process improvement to restructure all business processes. Dr. Jones has over 30 years experience in management, engineering, manufacturing, systems implementation, information management, and process innovation with companies such as Lockheed- Martin, Deere & Co., Saturn, GM, Ford, Lear, COBE Labs, Xerox, Compaq, Ericsson, and Siemens.

The Document Methodology is structured to generate reductions in cost and improvements in quality, and to accelerate core business processes. Documents link people to processes and resources. Documents progress through an organization's core processes much like parts on an assembly line. Business process bottlenecks can do more damage to product quality and delivery schedules than manufacturing bottlenecks.

Solutions build on existing computer systems and take advantage of off-the-shelf software. The focus is on process, consistency, and standards, not complex custom systems. Some consulting companies would like you to believe that "reengineering" is proprietary magic. We help you create a learning organization that continuously reinvents itself. Then, we provide training which ensures that managers and employees can rebuild and operate new core processes with new and existing knowledge and skills by making exceptional use of state-of-the-art information technology.