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The Document Methodology
is a knowledge framework and discipline for
managing people and measurably improving
enterprise processes with systems.



Copyright 2007 by Jim I. Jones / email:

Axiom 1: Documents record enterprise knowledge . Knowing what support cycles were used to record and access knowledge in what documents provides a base to create more value.

Axiom 2: Documents define the enterprise process.  Defining projects with document milestones of core processes provides a foundation for monitoring and compiling statistics on enterprise performance.

Axiom 3: Documents provide facts to manage people.  The summary of process and resource statistics can be used by the management infrastructure to operate and change its core processes.

Axiom 4: Documents structure support systems.  Requirements for exceptional access to knowledge and for computation of process statistics frame an enabling technology architecture.

Axiom 5: Documents guide enterprise change. Documents guide enterprise change. Using variance to understand process and relieve bottlenecks provides the facts to simulate, plan and deploy innovative change.